Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Introducing the New Mercedez-Benz E-Class for 2010

The all new 2010 Ninth Generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan and Coupe introduces the new theme: Everything We Know, Everything We Are: This is Mercedes-Benz.

"In a tough market, the strength of the Mercedes-Benz brand -- rooted in timeless design, craftsmanship and innovation -- has enabled us to outperform both the market and the luxury segment," said Stephen Cannon, vice president of marketing for MBUSA. "We're excited for a big launch of the ninth generation E-Class -- the heart and soul of our brand."

The new E-Class campaign features a series of brief ads that pay homage to the newly introduced luxury vehicle.

In the first ad, the E-Class sedan visits its predecessors as the voiceover narrates the Mercedes Benz heritage of innovation, safety patents and a world record for longevity and endurance, setting the stage for "one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet."

The next ad focuses not only on the innovation of the new E-Class, but safety in particular. The new E-Class features a combination of innovative safety technology not found anywhere else, including Attention Assist, Lane Departure Assist, Distronic Plus, Blind Spot Monitoring, Intelligent Night View and nine airbags.

To compliment the live action ads, a print campaign features various versions of the E-Class entitled "Future of the Automobile," "More Advanced," "Engineering Afficionados" and "Changes the Game."

In addition, the 2010 E-Class also has a brand new section on The site blends emotion-invoking images with useful, informational content for the consumer as well as eight video vignettes. Consumers can enjoy a completely new online luxury car shopping experience through a combination of immersive video, at-a-glance feature comparisons and third-party reviews. In addition MBUSA also uses mobile Web applications to reach consumers for the first time, targeting users of devices like iPhones, featuring photo galleries, detailed overviews and customized vehicle comparisons as a means to drive consumers to showrooms and test-drive events.

With a starting price of $48,600, the E-Class line-up featuring the E350 and E550 coupes and sedans will once again set the standard for the luxury automobile market, in terms of safety, comfort and advanced technology.

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