Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mercedes Builds A Car To Protect Us

has been on a relentless quest to achieve hyper-safe accident-free driving since 1959, when it introduced the first car to feature energy-absorbing crumple zones. At long last, it’s getting pretty close to reaching its goal.

The Experimental Safety Vehicle concept car essentially turns the entire vehicle into an airbag using novel metal panels that inflate moments before impact. The company’s first all-out attempt at building a perfectly safe car since the original ESF in 1974 is packed with technology designed to save us from ourselves. Mercedes recently opened the doors to its North American headquarters to tell us more about the car.

Mercedes isn’t alone on its quest. Volvo, to name one example, wants to offer an almost injury-proof car by 2020, and Sweden’s head of traffic safety says it will be the biggest revolution in the auto industry since the seatbelt. Automakers are pouring colossal amounts of money into the campaign to increase safety, something Mercedes says is imperative.

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