Monday, June 7, 2010

Lorinser Previews Their Own 2011 Mercedes CLS

Mercedes tuner Lorinser has already come up with an imaginary kit for an imaginary new-look Mercedes CLS! Well, it’s not that imaginary to be honest, Mercedes has already shown us a shooting brake concept which kinda previewed the looks of the new CLS, and there has been a couple of revealing spyshots showing that the actual car is very close to what you see here.
Lorinser 2011 Mercedes CLS

So yes, Lorinser is the first to announce a package for the new CLS, but what they got?! Based on what we see, it’s a traditional Lorinser body kit with modified bumpers, a new bonnet, Lorinser famous side gills, Lorinser wheels and of course a bootlid spoiler and a diffuser. This kit actually looks pretty nice on the yet-to-be-revealed CLS!

The German tuner also will also provide different upgrade programs for the car’s interior as well as engine and suspension.