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The Carlsson Design RS-Kit For The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

The Carlsson Design RS-Kit For The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, exterior front and side view

If you're looking for a way to enhance your Mercedes GL, tuning firm Carlsson today has unveiled the Design RS-Kit for the model, aimed at giving the SUV a sporty, more powerful appearance. Up front, a front spoiler lip brings the model closer to the ground; a large radiator grille and two bonnet attachments add an air of authority to the GL; and modified headlights and LED fog lamps complete the changes up front.

From the side, key changes include mammoth 22-inch 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition Carlsson wheels and new side skirts, while a C-Tronic SUSPENSION drops the sport 'ute some 30 millimeters. And last but not least, in the back, a new rear skirt attachments is present – the perfect fit for the two oval stainless steel tailpipes of the sport sub-muffler.

If you're interested, pricing for the Design RS-Kit comes in at EUR 8,499 (excluding VAT), while the C-Tronic SUSPENSION system is priced at EUR 1,099 and the wheels (with Dunlop tires) are priced at EUR 4,189 (again, both excluding VAT). There's a number of Carlsson engine enhancements for the Mercedes GL as well, all of which you can find in the official press release below.

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

The Carlsson Design RS-Kit For The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, exterior front view

The Carlsson Design RS-Kit For The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, exterior front and side view

The Carlsson Design RS-Kit For The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, exterior rear and side view

The Carlsson Design RS-Kit For The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, wheel


Carlsson gives the Full-Size-SUV more agility
Design RS-Kit for the Mercedes-Benz GL

  • Entire aerodynamics kit connects dynamics with power

  • Performance enhancement up to 435 hp (320 kW)

  • Intelligent lowering device recognises road characteristics

  • Light alloy wheels 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition in 22 inches

The Mercedes-Benz GL (Type X 164) is the model with the most opulent dimensions within the entire Mercedes motorcar product line. With the new RS-Kit, the automobile manufacturer Carlsson now gives the GL a sporty look and at the same time, a powerful appearance.

The newly designed front marks the most significant change. The front spoiler lip lowers the GL visually closer to the road. Therefore, the RS-Kit provides the large Benz with a dynamic character. While the large radiator grill and the two bonnet attachments emphasise the dominant look of the GL. At the same time, the grill inserts made of electro-polished stainless steel radiate elegance. Carlsson adds these inserts to the front skirt, the front spoiler lip, the side skirts, the bonnet and the radiator grill.

Carlsson, the Mercedes refiner from Merzig/Germany also modifies the lights of the car. The headlight inserts and the additional headlights significantly contribute to the new facial expression of the GL. The LED daytime running lights in the front spoiler lip complete the new light unit. At night time, they can also be used as position lamps.

The new side ledges give the powerful car sides a considerably more sporty touch; this impression is additionally accentuated with the grill inserts made of electro-polished stainless steel.

The rear is dominated by a new rear skirt attachment which holds the two oval stainless steel pipes of the sport sub-muffler.

Carlsson offers the entire GL aerodynamics kit for 8.499 EUR excl. VAT.

Powerful look – more performance

In order to ensure that the engine performance matches the new design of the Mercedes-Benz GL, the Carlsson engineers developed performance enhancements for the various engine types. The performance kit CK50 has been especially developed for the top model GL 500. The interaction between the optimised engine electronics and the sport air filter increases the performance from 388 hp (285 kW) to 435 hp (320 kW) at 6,000 revolutions per minute. Thereby, the maximum torque rises from 530 to 600 Newton metres. The performance kit can be obtained in connection with the RS-Design Kit for 3,192 EUR excl. VAT.

Carlsson also increases the performance of the diesel models. After Carlsson modifies the GL 420 CDI, it thrusts out 354 hp (260 kW) instead of the former 306 hp (225 kW). The modification is available for 1,299 EUR excl. VAT. For the entry model GL 320 CDI, Carlsson offers the additional control unit C-Tronic CD32 REVO with the adequate adapter and wire harness which increases the performance from the serial 224 hp (165 kW) to 269 hp (198 kW). Thereby, the maximum torque rises from 510 to 612 Newton metres. For 1,499 EUR excl. VAT, the Mercedes GL driver can obtain this Plug-and-Play-System which can be attached within a few minutes.

Intelligent lowering

In order to transfer the generated power ideally onto the road, Carlsson developed the intelligent lowering module C-Tronic® SUSPENSION. This system does not only lower the car by up to 30 millimetres, the control unit also recognises the road characteristics and continually adjusts the remaining spring travel. Therefore, the C-Tronic® SUSPENSION perfectly connects sporty driving with comfortable travelling. It’s available for cars with AIRMATIC-suspension for 1,099 EUR excl. VAT.

Another refining highlight for the Mercedes-Benz GL is the 22-inch wheel-set in the design 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition. The one-part light alloy wheel has been especially developed for weight-intensive models such as the GL. Design, load capacity and low weight were the equally important factors for the development of the wheel. It increases the agility with a minimum of unsprung masses and at the same time provides highest stability and radiates elegance with its eleven spokes. Available as a wheel-set with Dunlop high performance tyres measuring 295/35 R 22, the 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition can be obtained for 4,189 EUR excl. VAT.

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